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"If You Can Think It, We can Make it"

The Founder

From the tender age of 12, Fedro trained in Italy under Console Costantini, winner of the golden shears of tailoring (Forbici d’Oro) — a cornerstone of sartoria italiana and one of the master craftsmen who bolstered the globally renowned reputation of the 'Made in Italy' tradition and Italian tailoring elegance.

At the age of 15, Fedro embarked on a new chapter in Cambridge, attending the Cambridge, Arts, Technology and Sciences college. Leaving Italy for the first time, he stepped away from the traditional confines of tailoring, setting the stage for his foray into design.

Inspired by the vibrant energy of the fashion capital and his newfound creative freedom, Fedro spent the following years expanding his expertise across various facets of design, including menswear, womenswear, plus-size fashion, tailoring, childrenswear, and shoe and accessory design.

These formative experiences laid the foundation for what would become his eponymous bespoke tailoring house, FEDRO GAUDENZI.

the beginning

Founded in 2016, FEDRO GAUDENZI began with humble origins in a 150 sqft workroom in Lambeth, a single selection of fabric, a singular client and Fedro himself.

Creatively, 'Luca Rinolfi', an invented alter ego, managed the administrative tasks, leaving Fedro to the art of tailoring without the aid of makers, pressers, apprentices, or  business partners.

the evolution

By 2018, the house had flourished, welcoming its first team of collaborators and artisans, and transitioned to a historic 16th-century atelier in Soho Square.

There, FEDRO GAUDENZI cultivated an air of exclusivity, operating quietly and providing bespoke services strictly by appointment and through personal introductions.

the move

In the summer of 2023, FEDRO GAUDENZI took a significant stride by moving to Cork Street in Mayfair.

Celebrated for its artistic heritage and as the birthplace of dandyism, the area is now home to world-leading contemporary art galleries.

Becoming a part of the Burlington Estate, home to the hallowed Savile Row, FEDRO GAUDENZI now stands at the intersection of the world's epicentre of bespoke tailoring and contemporary art.

the soul

The essence of FEDRO GAUDENZI's service is captured within their design appointments that takes place in the white room at their boutique.

These sessions are where the collaborative journey unfolds, pivotal to their guiding belief, "If you can think it, we can make it." In these moments, clients' visions are skilfully brought into reality, showcasing the artistry at the intersection of the world's epicentre of bespoke tailoring and contemporary art.

This process is integral to honouring and celebrating the individuality and character of each client.

the heart

At the boutique's core is Fedro's cutting table, prominently placed in the heart of the store, creating an authentic atelier at retail level.

This departure from the traditional retail model reflects the boutique's lower ground workroom ethos, where each garment is meticulously crafted and finished by hand.

FEDRO GAUDENZI serves a discerning international clientele with a curated selection of over 12,000 materials.

Bespoke at FEDRO GAUDENZI is not merely a service but an experience that extends beyond the ordinary, crafting garments that are as timeless and distinctive as the clients' own signatures.

“Another arrow in the quiver of London’s high-end tailoring, and a welcome one”

City AM

bespoke suit jacket

The tailoring house of FEDRO GAUDENZI is a testament to Fedro's comprehensive journey, infusing his creations with a distinctive fusion of bold design and traditional artisanship. With an insatiable curiosity at the core of his work, Fedro champions the mastery of bespoke tailoring as the ultimate expression of creative freedom. Since its inception in 2016, he and his dedicated team have demonstrated their limitless capabilities, catering to a broad and varied clientele. Today, Fedro personally designs every bespoke piece and meticulously supervises their crafting within the walls of the Atelier, ensuring that each garment is a true reflection of his vision and craftsmanship

The Team

The FEDRO GAUDENZI team is renowned for its extensive experience in bespoke tailoring, with over 20 years dedicated to bespoke cutting and more than 15 years in the acquisition of globally diverse and rare materials. The Head Tailor, Trouser Maker, and Hand Finisher collectively bring over six decades of expertise, cultivated at prestigious Savile Row establishments including Henry Poole, Anderson & Sheppard, Kilgour, Timothy Everest, Gieves & Hawkes, and Huntsman.

The couture and bridal teams at FEDRO GAUDENZI add over four decades of combined experience, catering to high-profile clients and partnering with esteemed luxury fashion and couture houses such as Ralph & Russo, Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang, and Elie Saab. Their embroidery specialist has served as a seamstress to The Queen of Jordan, infusing each creation with royal finesse. Together, this skilled cohort ensures that each piece crafted under the FEDRO GAUDENZI name is an exemplar of exceptional craftsmanship and the pinnacle of luxury.

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