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Gift An Experience

Gift An Experience

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Gift an Experience by FEDRO GAUDENZI

Discover the art of gifting redefined with FEDRO GAUDENZI's "Gift an Experience". A gift that will echoes forever.


For the Gift Giver:

  • Select the Experience: Choose a gift that mirrors your budget's intent and the value you wish to impart.
  • Personal Touch: Post-purchase, our team will contact you to select a physical or digital gift format and discuss personalisation. We invite you to choose the fabric for a personal touch – the recipient will have the option to change it later. For an added personal touch you may also collaborate with Fedro on the initial design, which the recipient can of course later change or customise further at their consultation.
  • Gift Preparation and Delivery: Your thoughtfully crafted gift, accompanied by a handwritten note, will be ready within 3 days for boutique collection or direct delivery to you or the recipient.


For the Recipient:

  • Design Appointment with Fedro: Recipients are invited to a design consultation in Mayfair with Fedro, exploring unique materials and styles for their one of a kind piece. Measurements will be taken and a signed sketch from Fedro will be handed over to mark the start their personalised bespoke journey.
  • Tailored Fitting Experience: The recipient will engage in a series of personalised fittings with Fedro, each tailored to refine and perfect their unique piece, ensuring it celebrates their individual style and preferences.
  • Final Masterpiece Presentation: The reveal of their one of a kind bespoke creation is elegantly presented on a custom wooden hanger with a brass plaque engraved with their name.
  • Becoming Part of Our Legacy: Your unique pattern becomes a cherished part of our client library, symbolising your inclusion in the Fedro Gaudenzi family.


"Gift an Experience" by FEDRO GAUDENZI is not just a gift; it's a passage through the soul of the bespoke craft at its best. A celebration of individuality, and self exploration - from the first thread to the final flourish.

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